Vardar Palace Hotel - Taksim

Reservation Conditions:

1) Thank you very much... After you fill in this form & send it, you'll receive a reply in 24-48 hours due to the availability of your reservation depending on the hotel's vacancy.
To accept your reservation, we may need your credit card information via email, facsimile or phone. This information will be required if there's a no-show without a proper cancellation, and will be held confidential.

2) All cancellations should be made 5 days prior to the check-in date. Reservations that are not cancelled 5 days before the arrival will be considered as "No Show"
In this situation only the first day of your reservation will be charged to your credit card.

3) For Group reservations and long term stays, you may have discounted prices. So please do not hesitate to call us or send an email in these conditions.

4) All your information will be held as confidential.

Web Prices: High Season
(15.03.18 - 15.11.18 )
Low Season
(16.11.18 - 28.12.18 )
(29.12.18 - 03.01.19 )
Low Season
(04.01.19 - 14.03.19 )
Small Single Room
90 EU
50 EU
90 EU
50 EU
Standard Single Room
130 EU
75 EU
130 EU
75 EU
Standard Double Room
150 EU
100 EU
150 EU
100 EU
Large Double Room
170 EU
120 EU
170 EU
120 EU
Triple Room
185 EU
135 EU
185 EU
135 EU
All children of 0-5 ages are free of charge. Children of 6-10 ages gets a 50 % discount.
Prices may change without notice in some special occasions like Formula 1 or international congress.
For group reservations, long term stays please ask for our special discounts.
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Vardar Palace Hotel
Sıraselviler Cad. No:16 / 34433 Taksim - Istanbul / Turkey
Telephones: +(90) 212 252 28 88 - 8 lines PBX Facsimile: +(90) 212 252 15 27

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Sıraselviler Cad. No:16 / 34433 Taksim/İstanbul /
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